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Spring Loaded Balancer and Extension Bar

The Spring Loaded Balancer was developed to be used in the place of the Yo-Yo Style balancers.  Due to the failures and the amount of dropped Riser Tools over the years we developed something more dependable and rugged for the extreme environment of the offshore industry.  It is a simpler, stronger solution for what can be a dangerous and unsafe situation, a 250 to 400 lb. tool being dropped.   Combined with the Extension Bar it has eliminated dropped tools from frayed or broken cables.  It was thoroughly tested to assure a long lasting and failure free spring arrangement.  It was thoroughly field tested and here are the results and quotes from the report.


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Field Testing:


These pictures and information come from a field test report directly from the rig.

This is the complete system. It consist of the Spring Tube, 10’ Wire Rope, Extension Bar and both

“The tools, just from observation by Subsea Personnel, appeared to be more maneuverable than the old
style Yo‐Yo style Balancers, and that observation was later confirmed by the majority of the drill crew
operating the wrenches. By placing the Spring Balancer Assemblies higher on the tools it allowed for
ease of movement under the Flotation and Lankhorst Fins on the Slicks.”

This is a quote directly from the report written by the rig personnel. The 10’ wire rope between the
spring tube and the extension bar make for easier handling.



This picture shows how the extension bar allows the tool to be easily pushed under the flotation. The
operator on the left is a good look at it. This is what keeps any cables from being frayed and damaged
due to rubbing on the flotation. This is a solid metal bar so there will be no such damage.
The operator on the right shows the extension bar flat against the flotation after the tool has been
placed under the flotation and onto the bolt. The bar will slide up and down the flotation as the bolts
are run in and out.
With the 40/33C‐SB‐1 it is a one man operation, even with the heaviest of tools.





This shows the Extension Bar as it slides up and down the flotation.
The report stated that overall these type of balancers were superior to the yo‐yo type and an inspection
of the components showed no wear or damage to any part of the tool.
In testing at our facility we hung the tool from the springs for 24 hours a day for two months and
weighed the tool every day and they never lost any strength. They should be very durable and there will
be no damaged cables to replace or dropped tools.





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